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Plans & Pricing

Other services available upon request. Please inquire regarding fees.

Initial consultation, by phone or in person

No Charge

Consultation for Individual Issues


Discount available with pre-purchase of multiple hours.

Individualized Plan for Aging

Conduct initial and two follow-up meetings with you and designated family/caregivers to:

  • Identify issues and concerns about aging
  • Set goals to achieve desired outcomes
  • Identify actions to address issues

Provide a comprehensive report of information, resources, recommendations, and referrals.


Healthcare Advocacy

  • Medical Provider Visits
  • Communication
  • Management of Chronic Medical
  • End of Life Planning
  • Other services upon request


Discount available with pre-purchase of multiple hours.

Information Management

  • Centralize personal, financial, business, legal, and end of life information that you, or someone else, would need to manage your affairs.
  • Capture and store information on an electronic thumb drive and in a customized binder.

Fee based on the volume of information to be processed.

Future Vision & Goal Setting

Are you wondering what’s next in your life? By using a simple visual goal-setting process I will guide you in creating a map that considers your current state, your desired new reality, and the “3 bold steps” that will help you get there.